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11/13/2002 Today we touched upon on gender and language. Classmembers brought in information about Naoko Takahashi and Winona Ryder. A famous artist outside of Japan, Yayoi Kusama, was mentioned but many people seemed unfamiliar with her. Check out her bio and work here. More on her and Yoko Ono next time . . . Speaking of butterflies, how about Hanae Mori, conquerer of the Paris fashion scene?
Women of the Week
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11/20/2002 We began by mentioning famous Ferris professor Akiko Yuge. Some members knew a bit about her current work, others not.  A scheduling proposal was made for possible make-up classes: a double class (1:10 pm to 4:40 pm) on our last class day, December 18; and an extra evening class for Wednesday, January 15 at 7:00 pm. These seem to fit many people's schedules, but not all. Please try to make it if you can. One suggestion has also been made that we may be able to show part of the Obaachan's Garden or Woman as Butterfly videos and discuss them during these last class times. In my Internet travels, I have happened across the point of view that the butterfly is a symbol of world peace. What do you think? Note the image, left, of artist Georgia O'Keefe. Next week, let's touch upon, among other things, the idea of single-gender education vs. co-education. How appropriate at Ferris! For some interesting reading, check here, here. and here for articles on all-girls schools, and here and here for the positive points of co-ed learning. Finally, the term "feminism" has been discussed from the standpoint of what a "feminist" represents. Here is a site with some information on the "third wave" of the feminist movement and here are some books, in English and Japanese, on the subject of women and women's issues. What's your definition of feminism?
11/27/2002 A tremendous discussion and sharing of opinions and experiences in single -gender and co-educational education! Thanks to all of  you who so forthrightly contributed to the group. In thinking about what feminism is, or has become, we might also reflect on the meaning of chauvinism as it  relates to male sexism. What's your definition of feminism? Are you a feminist? See the site of Ladies Against Feminism. See also humanism and masculism? What do you think about this?  Also, next week: the Nigerian situation. What happened? Various women's issues came together under an intercultural and cross-cultural disaster. What do you think of beauty pageants? A celebration of feminine beauty, or a demeaning objectification of women? Check pro and con. See you all next week!
12/4/2002 Thank you for your illuminating views on beauty pageants and the Nigerian situation.  ("They have their place but should not only focus on one kind of beauty  . . .") For an update on the Miss World contest, check here.  Also, thanks to Miyoko Fujino-san for remembering the daring example of  a famous woman with a "convex" figure who allowed herself to be photographed. The woman was American actress Jamie Leigh Curtis. This week let's discuss feminism, Broken Silence, (book on Japanese feminism), among other things. Ladies, let's talk . . .  
12/11/2002 Let's have a double class next time. We'll watch Obaachan's Garden and then afterwards have a scintilating discussion on that and more.
12/18/2002 Obaachan's Garden was an interesting and moving experience. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the insights discussed. I also want to say thank you to all of the class members. This course has been very enjoyable, thanks to an active and open-minded group of bright students. I will miss you all on Wednesdays. .Happy New Year and hope to see you again soon!
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