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Touch Base!
Touch Base is a group of parents and kids who want to reinforce their multilingual, multinational, multi-special abilities. This small group meets one Saturday a month in the lower Tokyo/upper Yokohama area to have the kids "work" together on fun language activities. The objective is that the children will internalize that they are special in a wonderful way, that other kids have these gifts as well, and that they can keep building their languages and cultural activities with constant use and practice. In order to best meet our goals, Touch Base will, of necessity, be kept small and only available to bicultural families with bi or multi-lingual children. This website will serve as a central information center for parents involved in the Touch Base! group.     
Questions? Comments? Send to Webmaster Hamilton at hamilton-a@muc.biglobe.ne.jp
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Touch Base Contact Page
Stay tuned to find out about November's gathering. For more information, contact Hamilton at hamilton-a@muc.biglobe.ne.jp.
Activity Scrapbook- April 2003 (Easter)
Activity Scrapbook- May 2003 (Camping)
Activity Scrapbook- May 2003 (Nature)
Activity Scrapbook- October 2003 (Trash)
Activity Scrapbook- June 2003 (Machida Graphics Museum)
Activity Scrapbook- October 2003 (Halloween)