Think about:
--Caliban as a the universal "Other"
--Caliban as the oppressed "natural man" or "noble savage"
For Robert Browning's "Caliban on Setebos", press here
Art and Music
Theatre Designer Trefoni Michael Rizzi's costume design for Caliban as peasant
Theatre Designer Kaye's costume design for Caliban
Other Caliban Links:

Bradford Clark's many concept sketches for bunraku puppet Caliban

Caliban Arts Theatre in Toronto

Review of The Caliban, a play produced by Sacred Fools Theatre in Los Angeles

Shakespeare's Caliban
A Cultural History
Alden T. Vaughan, Virginia Mason Vaughan
Frank Benson as Caliban in The Tempest at the Lyceum Theatre in London (1900)
"Ariel's World": Shakespeare's The Tempest Through Themes and Performances
Theatre Designer Bradford Clark's bunraku puppet design

Another sketch of Caliban
Future Tempest