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Is there a golden (beautiful) or brazen (terrible) world in this play? What does the island represent?
"Ariel's World": Shakespeare's The Tempest Through Themes and Performances
The Tempest may have been Shakespeare's last full play. Because there is record of it being performed for King James I, it is dated at 1611. Scholars suggest Shakespeare was inspired by a 1609 shipwreck in the Bermudas. The play is popularly read as Shakespeare's commentary on European exploration. Prospero, former Duke of Milan, and his daughter Miranda, are banished to an island inhabited by Caliban, an island native, and the magical spirit Ariel. While Prospero and Miranda educate Caliban in their language, they also enslave him. Likewise, Ariel is enslaved by Prospero and must perform magical deeds in order to gain his freedom. The play begins with a chaotic storm that brings with it Prospero's former usurpers and a love match for Miranda. Because the play begins in chaos and ends in relative harmony with the marriage of Miranda and Ferdinand, it is often categorized as a comedy.
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