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The Tempest was William Shakespeare's last play, a summing up of all that Shakespeare had concluded as a keen observer of human nature.  Some say that The Tempest was also Shakepeare's farewell to the London theatre audience that had supported him so well. Whatever his intent, like his other works, it was never meant to be studied or read as a text. It was created to be experienced, to be inhabited by an attentive audience. Therefore, this Ferris University Open College class will not focus on the notoriously difficult language of Shakespeare, but on what we can sense from the many acting versions that have been produced. We will use his grand and universal themes as the starting point for our own examinations of  the famous characters and themes of this universal play.  Let's enjoy and discuss Shakepeare in modern English!

February 12- Introduction to Shakepeare and
The Tempest

February 19- Themes and Influences, Music, Art, and Dance

February 26- A Definitive Prospero? (Peter Greenaway's
Prospero's Books)

March 5- Was Ariel a boy or a girl? (Derek Jarman's
The Tempest)

March 12- Caliban: Villain or Victim? (Cesar Aimee's
A Tempest)

March 19- Miranda and the Brave New World (John Cassavetes'

March 26- Future Tempest:
Forbidden Planet, Observations and Conclusions
Art and Music
Future Tempest
Press spinning disc for Ted Kirk's
Tempest music!
"Ariel's World": Shakespeare's The Tempest Through Themes and Performances
Please dip your pointer in the water to stir the storm!
American Repertory Theatre  production poster (1996)
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