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Welcome to the Skunks site. Why skunks? Well, skunx rule! They are funny-looking, small and shy, and do not suffer fools lightly. Pity the fool who tests their intentions! Skunks are just fascinating . . . and funky!

First, info on real live skunks. The Columbia Encyclopedia (6th Edition 2001 offers a detailed definition of "skunk" here:

"Do skunks have smaller adrenal glands than other animals?" Here is a memorial to a little stinker that "passed over":

FAQ on skunks:

Photos of pet skunks:

But, I like representations of skunks even more.

Here is a link to a list of some films with skunks:

How about popular children's stories featuring skunks?
Here are some wonderful books on skunks offered by Amazon.com:

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