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Generally, this page is devoted to films inspired by the theatre, or films of theatre work, but not exclusively. DVD is my preferred format but sometimes video is just more practical (no regional coding, most classrooms in the world have access to VCR and monitor).
Fuku wa uchi!
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Books on Japanese Film:
The Films (DVD and Video)
Chushingura cover
The Kurosawa version of King Lear
The Kurosawa version of Macbeth
Ozu's classic- frequently listed in 10 top greatest films lists
Taishu engeki or "boulevard theatre" and the raucus theatre world of Edo. Highly recommended!
Life and duty of an onnagata (kabuki female role player).  A "must have"!
Both "Black" films star Miwa Akihiro, celebrated cross-dressed Japanese actor, known for Mishima and Terayama collaborations.  A gender hoot!
Fuku wa uchi!
Geki-za Home
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Fuku wa uchi!
Ozu's Tokyo Story cover
The Films of Akira Kurosawa cover
Classic Japanese Screenplays: Mizoguchi... cover
Ran (Masterworks Edition) cover
Eijanaika cover
Throne of Blood - Criterion Collection cover
Black Lizard
Black Rose Mansion
Tokyo Story
In the Realm of the Senses cover
Street of Shame cover
Tetsuo: The Ironman cover
Woman in the Dunes cover
An Actor's Revenge cover
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