Welcome to Ariel's Christmas '03!  

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year of the Monkey in 2004.

Hello everyone. It has been a busy year for the Miura-Armstrong
family. Actually, it was a simple kind of year; we worked hard and
played hard.

"Worked hard":

                          Ariel turned six this year and has learned a lot         
                          about independent thinking, self-discipline, and         
                          the simple satisfactions of work well and                  
                          completely done at the Yokohama Montessori          
                          School. She is also happily studying ballet and
soroban (abacus) after school. We are very blessed to have such
good teachers and environment. When not reading or working on
projects, Ari-chan plays mother to her Sophia Blue Jungarian hamster,

                               Setsuko was the star in 2003! She soared like    
                               an eagle this year, working very hard to do a       
                               nearly impossible thing. She interpreted for         
                               the International 0-3 "Assistant to Infancy"           
                               Montessori Teacher Certification Training       
course taught for three months by Dr. Silvana Quattrocci Montanaro
AND also took the course as a student at the same time! She hardly
slept. As a result, she completed the course and is now an
internationally certified Montessori teacher for 0-3 year olds. She met
some wonderful people and has really learned a lot. Of course, there
is always more to learn . . .

                              Hamilton kept a low profile this year, teaching
                              twenty classes a week and keeping the              
                              homefires burning. 2004 is the Year of the           
                              Monkey on the Chinese calendar, a very              
                              auspicious year for those born in 1956.                
                              What's next? Anyone's guess!

"Played hard": We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary in
Europe! For details on that (plus
beaucoup links to other Hamilton
sites), please visit Ariel's Europe at

May 2004 bring all good things to you and yours.  Let us work toward
making this year one of peace and understanding between nations.
Our common humanity mandates hope.

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