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Ariel Miura Armstrong
Born June 6, 1997.
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Holiday Message from Ariel

Merry Christmas and Happy     New Year of the Sheep! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!
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Ariel and her friend Mona ice-skating. Mona is six and is New Zealand-French.
Ariel and Setsuko get in the spirit.
Guess what! I got a letter from SANTA CLAUS yesterday! I wrote him a letter a few weeks ago and he wrote me back, all the way from Finland.
I found out that he really likes cranberries so I want to send him some. He must be very busy.
Big news! I'm going to have a new cousin! My aunt Yukiko is expecting a baby next year. I think the baby will be very cute.
I miss my family and friends in America. Dear Cha Cha, Aunt Angela and Uncle Brent, Brianna and Tristen, Sayaka, everyone . . . I hope to see you this year!
Miss Ariel with new Christmas dress from ChaCha. Thanks also to dear family friend Nancy Konrad for fashion consultation. Stylin'!