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Name :   Tara Tune
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Site Visited :   homepage
Comment :   This looks really interesting. I think its important to focus on women (in the news- ha ha), because as we all know, womens achievements are often sidelined- or not even noticed. Dont really like the butterflies (or are they wasps) on the homepage because
Name :   Bill Fagan
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Site Visited :   Ariel's Haikaido
Comment :   Ham - You have a precious daughter, incredible wife, and a very impressive web site. Glad Charley showed it to me.
Name :   mary and charley
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Site Visited :   arielsworld
Comment :   Beautiful! wish we were there! Hope we'll be seeing all of you very soon.
Name :   ChaCha
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Site Visited :   Hokkaido
Comment :   A picture of Ariel is splendid as is a rising sun.
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